Mobility scooters come in a variety of guises designed for different purposes, making them a diverse and effective way of getting around. One of the three main types of mobility scooter is the 6-8mph mobility scooter, but what exactly does this variation of the motorised mobility aid offer?

6-8mph mobility scooter abilize olympian sportA 6-8mph Mobility Scooter Has Exceptional Range

The primary function of a 6-8mph mobility scooter is to allow the user to travel longer journeys that require the use of a road. As suggested by the name, the 6-8mph top speed allows you to travel faster than a travel or pavement scooter. This is achieved by the bigger, more powerful battery attached to this category of scooter.

An excellent example of a high range 6-8mph scooter is the Abilize Olympian Sport. With a maximum range of 42.5km you can quite literally travel the distance of an Olympic marathon before grinding to a halt. So, if you enjoy going further afield and exploring the local surrounding area, the Olympian Sport is capable of getting you there and back again.

A 6-8mph Mobility Scooter Is Robust and Comfortable

6-8mph mobility scooter abilize rangerAs a 6-8mph mobility scooter is designed to travel long distances it needs to be roadworthy, so it has to be both comfortable and capable of staying intact on potentially poorly maintained roads. Typically, these types of mobility scooters have bulkier bodywork to withstand jolts and vibrations and a greater ability to absorb bumps.

The Abilize Ranger demonstrates the full potential of a robust and comfortable 6-8mph scooter. The visually imposing, heavy duty bodywork contributes to the scooters rigidity and robustness, while the full suspension system ensures and comfortable and controllable ride over uneven terrain. Furthermore, the Ranger has been designed as an all-terrain scooter, making it capable of going off road as well as on it.

6-8mph mobility scooter drive sport rider6-8mph Mobility Scooter’s Offer Variety

The broadness of design that can be found among 6-8mph mobility scooters means you’ll be able to find a mobility aid that fits both your practical requirements and personal taste.

For example, if you want a scooter with some individuality then you may be drawn to the Drive Sport Rider. Inspired by motorcycle design, it’s a 3 wheeled 6-8mph scooter that you steer using chopper style handlebars that are topped with stylised speed dials. However, the Rider Sport is still equipped with suspension, a handbrake, adjustable chair, diagnostics systems and onboard storage, making it as practical as it is stylish.