Bellavita Bath Lift

Product Features


Lowering Seat


The Bellavita Bath Lift can lower a user into a bath tub and raise them out again once they have finished bathing.

Remote Control


Easy to control the Bellavita Bath Lift can be operated by the simple press of the big button controller.


Maximum Weight


The Bellavita is a robust Bath Lift with a maximum user weight of 22 stone.



Bellavita Bath Lift


The Bellavita bathlift is lightweight, affordable and reliable, available in 2 colours; Blue and White it is sure to match your bathroom decor.

This ultra-modern bath lift has been designed with the help of nursing professionals, it includes many new features as standard. One of the lightest bathlifts on the market weighing a mere 9.3kg the Bellavita bath lift can be easily transported on holiday. The lithium battery pack is airplane safe and can be taken abroad, the sky is the limit with the Bellavita bath lift.

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Bellavita Bath Lift Lightweight

Bellavita Bath Lift Lightweight

The Bellavita Bath Lift is the lightest bath lift on the market today weighing just 9.3kg.

As a result the Bellavita is very easy to store and transport.


The seat can be lowered to 6cm or 2.3 inches; one of the lowest heights amongst electric bath lifts on the market today.

Also boasting a maximum seat height of 48cm or 18.8 inches, enough to reach the top of most baths for ease of use.

Bellavita Seat Height

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