CareCo Aquabathe

Product Features



Lowering Belt



The CareCo Aquabathe can lower a user into a bath tub and raise them out again once they have finished bathing.


Remote Control



Easy to control the Aquabthe can be operated by the simple press of the big button control panel on the side.



Maximum Weight



The CareCo Aquabathe is a robust Bath Lift with a maximum user weight of 18 stone.





CareCo Aquabathe


The New CareCo Aquabathe allows you to enjoy a full depth bath and have an enjoyable bathing experience. There is also no need to wait until the bath has emptied to get out when you’re finished, as you would with a walk in bath. The unit is fully retractable so other people can also use the bath tub with no inconvenience. The slim bath lift unit can be fitted to most bathroom walls which means there is no need for expensive bathroom renovations.


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CareCo Aquabathe Installation

CareCo Aquabathe Installation

The CareCo Aquabathe can be installed along your bathroom wall ensuring security and safety.

Aquabathe Features

Built in thermometer and temperature display

CareCo Aquabathe Features

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