It makes an ideal Christmas present or a treat for yourself, especially through these drab, cold, and wet winter months. Pampering weekends can be expensive and the reduced cost of technology means that we can now enjoy some of these experiences in the comfort of our own home whenever we want. Regardless of your reasons for considering purchasing a facial steamer, there are many benefits to this simple device.

A Facial Steamer Promotes Self Carefacial steamer

Self-care, pampering, self-indulgence – the benefits these things can have to our mental health are immeasurable. Too often we under-indulge out of a feeling of personal guilt. We feel we don’t deserve to pamper ourselves or that it’s a waste of money just to make ourselves feel good for a few hours. But the fact is, we do work hard. We do deprive ourselves in life – sometimes because we think the money can be better spent elsewhere or because it’s wrong to put ourselves first while others struggle. But mental health professionals recommend self-care and the occasional indulgence. That feel-good factor is important for our well-being, that’s why a facial steamer is a good investment.


Steam opens the pores of the skin to get rid of grease, oil, and the build-up of dirt. Human civilisation has been aware of the health benefits of steam for thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks used hot baths and so did every civilisation that followed in its wake. Today, the Russian Banya and the Turkish Bath uses the same principles of heat and fresh water. To cleanse the skin with steam once in a while promotes good health. But why does it work? It helps the skin flush out dirt and loosens the skin around blackheads, reducing instances of acne. The facial steamer is a practical and lightweight addition to your cleansing products.


The application of heat improves circulation by increasing perspiration. In turn, the heart speeds up, increasing the speed of blood flow as the body seeks to cool the body down. When blood flow increases, as with exercise, your blood vessels dilate. More oxygen gets around your body and this has many health benefits. Oxygen flow is important to healthy temperature regulation, for example. However, it’s not a substitute for exercise – you will simply experience some benefit from the facial steamer. Similarly, circulation promotes complexion health, keeping you looking and feeling young.


Do you enjoy the soothing relaxation of aromatherapy? The facial steamer doesn’t just steam, you can soothe your skin with your essential oils for that ultimate pampering experience. Different oils have different attributes; some relieve sore faces while others hydrate. Whichever way you normally choose to use aromatherapy, why not try putting a few drops of your favourite oil in this steamer? Use the nasal attachment when you have clogged sinuses and it will help to sooth the effects of a cold, making you feel better and taking away the grogginess.

Makes Your Skin Pliant

Have you ever tried to apply make-up or facial treatments with cold skin? Do you always steam your face first, typically over a hot sink? There are good reasons for doing it. That’s why one of the best things you can do with your Facial Steamer is to use it before you apply other treatments – applying a face mask or simply adding make-up for a night out. Not only will it make you feel good and leave your skin feeling refreshed, it will also leave your skin much more pliant so you can apply whichever treatments you want to use for the occasion.