Hand-eye coordination is something most of us take for granted but as we get older this coordination deteriorates. There are also conditions that can cause people to struggle with their co-ordination. We may put it down to simply being accident prone, by conditions like dyspraxia can be more than a little problematic. The following non-slip accessories help prevent those minor accidents, provide you with a bit more stability and help you go about your day in comfort while reducing your risks.

StayPut Anti-Microbial Wet Room MattingStayPut Anti-Slip Wet Room Matting non-slip

Our bathrooms and washing facilities are changing. More of us have walk-in showers and wet rooms. They are no longer the preserve of those with low mobility. Due to increased risks of standing water slip-resistant mats in those facilities are essential to protect our health and safety. Non-slip accessories like this are ideal for those who have wet rooms that don’t have inbuilt non-slip surfaces. This is antimicrobial and can be cut to size and will dry quickly on any surface. You can even machine wash it to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees.

Oak Non-Slip Tray

If you like to eat in the living room in front of the telly you may have trouble keeping things on the tray. Varnished wood feels substantial and looks great, the problem is that things that placed on them will slide around. This non-slip tray is ideal for keeping your food in place. This comes with a specially designed coating to prevent sliding or spillage. Tests show you may tilt the tray up to 40 degrees and it won’t slip.

non-slipComfi Anti-Slip Mat with Pillow

Enjoy bath times again without worrying about slipping and causing an injury to yourself. This non-slip accessory is a bath mat and pillow that stops you slipping while lying back, enjoying a good soak. Firm suction cups hold tight against the tub’s surface making it easier to get in and out and maintaining stability and balance. There is also the added bonus of firm footing when climbing in an out with this non-slip accessory. Safety and comfort – precisely what you need for your daily hygiene routine.

Shower Safe Anti-Slip Mat

Smooth surfaces in showers are precarious on their own, but when there is a layer of standing water after showering the risk of falling increases. You can reduce this slip risk by purchasing one of these simple non-slip accessories for your shower. It has firm grips on the bottom to ensure a safe and stable shower with a soft top that’s easy and pleasant on the feet. It’s not made from latex so you won’t get that unpleasant grimy build up that will harbour nasty bugs or foster the growth of mould. Finally, it’s machine washable up to 40 degrees should it get dirty.

StayPut Chopping Board Safety MatStayPut Chopping Board Safety Mats non-slip

When you have limited mobility over your hands or struggle with fine motor control you may need a little more help to ensure stability in preparing food. This simple matting is a great non-slip accessory that allows you to prepare food using sharp knives without risking injury of cuts. Keep fingers out of the way and keep your chopping board in place with this simple material; your board won’t slip around. Additionally, it’s made from starch, not rubber, making it more environmentally friendly.