As autumn gets into full swing the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer – and that’s before the clocks have even gone forward. This also means that despite being out and about at the same time it’s much darker and therefore harder to be seen. For those that use a mobility aids and live near busy roads, it’s imperative that motorists can see you to avoid accidents. To make sure that you’re clear as day to others, here are five visibility aids that can improve your safety at night.

Glo Reflective Safety Tapesafety

This Glo Reflective Tape is an incredibly simple and versatile – but very effective – visibility aid. Available in 200cm rolls – that’s 79 inches in old money – the tape can be cut to length and stuck to any object that you might need to make brighter in the dark. The reflective, luminous surface of the tape will make you far more apparent to passing cars and anybody else. So, if you drive a mobility scooter on the road, or walk near a busy route then you can stick the tape to either the scooter or your clothes for enhanced safety.

VisibagVisibag safety

If you happen to already be looking for a storage accessory for your mobility scooter to carry around some cold weather supplies, then the Visibag will be able to provide both space and safety. The stylish bag can attach to the rear of your mobility scooter’s seat and is made from nylon so it can withstand variable weather conditions. In terms of visibility and safety the exterior is adorned with reflective green sections to help you stand out. The multifunctional features of this product make it excellent value for money.

Silicone Scooter Lightssafety

Being seen is one thing, but seeing where your going is equally important. These incredibly simple Silicone Scooter Lights can be attached to any narrow sections of a mobility scooter without the need for screws. Once attached you can turn on the bright light with a single press, no complicated dials or settings to confuse you. They’re also fully waterproof, so when the autumn weather takes a turn you won’t need be worried about the internal electronics getting damaged.

safetyMovement Sensor Night Light

Safety at night isn’t just about the outdoor conditions, finding your way through your home in the dark can also throw up potential for accidents and falls. The obvious solution is to switch a light on, but depending on where the switch is you can still trip over in the dark trying to find it. This Movement Sensor Night Light is an elegant solution to the problem. Simple place it whether you need it – indoors or outdoors – and it will turn on when it senses movement up to five metres away. So, whether you need to get up to go to the toilet, or want to add some deterrent security to you home these lights are ideal.